Social Justice and a Goddess of Sovereignty and Battle

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“I shall not see a world that will be dear to me…..

Wrong judgments of old men

False precedents of lawyers…”

the words of the Morrigan from the second battle of Moytura

I have been asked many times why I worship a goddess that is intrinsically tied to battle and strife, why would I want to bring that type of energy into my life and the world. Most of the time, these types of questions come from people who have lived their lives wrapped up in the warm blanket of privilege, people who have had the ability, through color of their skin or their economic class, to indulge in the more benign methods of opposition to oppression like petitions and letter writing campaigns. We live in a nation that was founded and grew to prosperity on the backs of minorities and the poor and that continues to etch its place in the world with the blood from a hundred thousand cuts on the flesh of the voiceless, and when that reality rears its head and the streets erupt in anger, property damage and flames people quickly step away from their support of the cause and quickly condemn the actions. I could go on at length about the problem of the attitude that destruction of property trumps any other injustice that happens in this country, including the lives of its citizens. It’s a naive and offensive attitude that is at its heart obscenely materialistic. Instead I’d like to provide a link to a post by one of my co-priests Morpheus Ravenna who tackles this question succinctly.

What I would like to talk about is to ask the question “How is peace related to justice?” and more importantly “What does peace look like without justice?” Because my friends, peace without justice is oppression. We condemn the voiceless for rising up in anger and tell them to remain peaceful in the face of the harsh realities of racist and classist system, a system that allows for the continual shooting of minorities by a police force that is supposed to be there to protect them. We urge the angry crowd to remain peaceful in light of the fact that the only way to make a change within the system involves being wealthy. We plead with those who take to the streets to protest the injustice that they live with every day not to break windows, or light fires, or throw rocks at the police, yet the next day the only acts that seem to reach the public’s eye through the media are these very things. Sadly, a peaceful protest gets very little press coverage, acts of violence make the front pages. As Dr Martin Luther King stated, “A riot is the language of the unheard.”

Last night I went down into the maelstrom of righteous anger that formed in downtown Oakland, not to join in the violence or to add to it, but to stand witness to it., to place myself as a buffer between the militarized police force and the angry crowd. I went there because I have always been deeply effected by the social oppression that pervades our society, because to me, I can not ask people to be peaceful in the face of systemic injustice. I stood with the voiceless because it’s what my goddess demands of me, because these attacks on the lives and rights of the poor are an affront to the sovereignty of our community. This is why I am devoted to a goddess that is tied to battle and strife and why I wont shy away from these aspects of her in my practice. Because the Morrigan cares about sovereignty and when sovereignty is threatened or taken from a people then battle and strife is the result. Peace without justice is oppression and battle for justice is the only route to peace. When the leaders of a people callously and systemically oppress and attack their community, the land and the people will rise up to reclaim that sovereignty and the tighter the grip of the leaders, the bloodier their hands will be when their right to rule is torn from them.


7 thoughts on “Social Justice and a Goddess of Sovereignty and Battle

    • Thanks for your comment, and great post yourself. I agree that the most effective way of creating lasting change is economicly, the problem is that solutuon only carries weight if you have the resources to make purchase choices that can also be a political statement. For someone on a subsistance level budget, which is often the population most effected by systemic racism, your buying power can’t compete with the rest of the nation. I am completely for boycotting black friday though 🙂
      Letting our moral compass be more important than our need for material convienences is a powerful tool for our community


      • Hi Brennos, being a very new worker (at least consciously) of the Morrigan I still would like to share something that She showed me. Having been a follower of peace all my Life, being in groups that meditate for world peace (not recently) and believing that world peace could only come when people had peace in themselves, I was a bit taken aback when She in a visionlike conversation I had with Her,expressed anger at the situation the world is in today. Most of all the unbridled exploitation of our planet and its resources without any respect for Life. The pure egoism and egocentric approach that creates such chaos in the lives of all humanity as if life is only to take as much out of it without any responsibility or gratitude or giving in return. She showed me how this creates a great counter force that will bring balance at some point. It is out of compassion, not out of revenge that She may or will step in sooner or later. This still maybe first of all a battle of mind and consciousness, to show what Life really is, to awaken enough people to the reality of One Life, One humanity, one world , in which we are truly one. But if justice has to be restored in other ways, like we see happening more and more these days, like I said it will be out of compassion not revenge. This was quite a revelation but at the same time it felt more true than what I had accepted as a way to peace before.
        I don’t know if this makes much sense to you. Like I said a am a new follower, but I feel She has actually been with me all my life from the day I was born. I am very open and curious what more She will tell me. Johannes.


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  2. Hi Johannes,
    Thank you for your reply and I think you make a good point. I also spent a good part of my life working towards what I envisioned as “world peace”. I have come to the conclusion that world peace is at best a lofty goal and more likely a pipe dream. The natural state of the world, human or otherwise has never been what anyone could consider peaceful. Nature is not peaceful, and humanity is not well suited for peace. That being said, the vast majority of humanity when left uninfluenced by societal prejudices and rivalries, just want to live a peaceful life. Although its hard to tell with the state of the world today, humans tend towards justice. It’s my view that the Morrigan takes interest in the state of humanity today because in light of the extensive injustices that happen regularly, our leaders and at this point the basic philosophy of capitalism has failed us as a people. The political leaders of the world have abused their people and their lands and in that have broken the cycle of sovereignty that allows for a healthy relationship with the natural world. Now that the sovereignty is broken, there is no legitimacy to their rule and the system must be replaced or the land withers and dies, us with it. This global uprising that seems to be accelerating is one of the mechanisms to bring about that change, and the Morrigan as well as a number of other entities have a hand in it.


  3. Reblogged this on L'Antre de Morrigan and commented:
    Un témoignage en anglais, pas trop touffu ni compliqué, sur les applications de la voie guerrière. Pourquoi honorer une Déesse “de la guerre et de la bataille” ? Qu’est-ce que cela veut dire ? Que signifient “paix” et “justice” ?

    Mots clés : Souveraineté, privilèges, émeutes, contexte mondial déclinant.

    Contexte (en très gros) : les soulèvements récents à la suite du meurtre accidentel (quelle expression…) de deux enfants noirs aux USA.


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