Thoughts on Stepping Down as Chief of the Coru


This last month has been significant and important for me. On Samhain I stepped down from my role as Chief of the Coru, stepping back from all officer and leadership roles within the organization and a few weeks later I left for a journey to Gaul to explore a series of sacred sites and battlegrounds that I have been wanting to explore for a good part of my life.
For me, this represents a major shift in my life and my work. The role of Chief took a lot of my energy both physical and spiritual. I ended up putting a number of the aspects of my life and projects that I had been working on on the back burner so that I could focus on running and growing the Coru. Now that I have had a moment to sit and reflect on my time as Chief as well as some lessons that I have been learning recently, I’d like to speak on a couple of things.

The future of an organization can not be assured until the founders are able to hand over leadership and control to newer members.

As one of the founders of the Coru, one of my main visions for the organization has been to create something that will last beyond me. We are not a coven, we are not a social group. We are a Polytheist Priesthood that is primarily dedicated to service, service to the Gods and service to our community.
Early on we worked to define our core values and our mission in this world. We set the bar high and demanded that as an organization we would always strive to meet those standards and that discernment and dedication to those values from the members of the Order have been what has guided us and moved us forward.
As a result of this discernment and dedication, those that have come to us and have become members the Order have been extraordinary individuals that come to this work with an overwhelming commitment to the type of service that defines the Coru.
Like any organization, over the past few years the group has gone through some changes. Some founding members have moved on and new members have joined us bringing their own skills, talents, and vision to the group. We have grown beyond only having dedicant priests as members and opened up our Hearth level of membership in the Coru, expanding opportunities for engagement with us, growing and enriching our practice, and expanding our capability to serve our various communities.
We have worked hard to not only raise our level of skills and training, but to offer a framework of engagement with the Gods, spirits, and the land with anyone that would like to through classes, public devotionals, and by publishing the “Coru Book of Practices” and making it available to the public.
We have also completed the tedious process of filing to have the Coru recognized as a Church and are currently awaiting final approval of our 501c3 tax exempt status.
Throughout all of this day to day work, the Priesthood has also had the privilege to travel around the country and around the world, visiting sacred sites, performing rituals, teaching classes, and meeting a host of amazing individuals. Additionally, we have worked to build relationships with native practitioners of our Path in order to raise their voices and promote their work in the community and have worked to help people connect with the people as well as the land of their Gods.

For me, this experience has been strikingly profound and I feel humbled and honored that I have had the opportunity to lead a group of people this brilliant, talented, and dedicated. Together we have stood atop holy mountains leaving offerings and singing to our Gods, we have explored sacred caves, we have stood alongside our community defending it from a variety of threats and put our bodies in the line of danger, providing first aid and support when things got bloody and dangerous.
Continually, I have witnessed my Coru kindred exhibit a level of dedication and selfless action that has truly left me awestruck.

Now in this crucial and important moment as the Coru step into the future with new leadership, the first time without one of the founders in a leadership role, I find that I have nothing but confidence in the future of the Priesthood and nothing but respect and love for the brilliant and talented individuals that we have handed the reins over to.

For me, this is a profound success
For me, this is what my years of work founding, building and leading the Coru has been leading up to.
For me, this is a fulfillment of our goals and dreams for the Priesthood and for our community.
The future of the Coru and its role in the community is bright.


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